Benefits of a Website

Ever wondered about the benefits of a Website? Sure! Most of us have come across this question on our contemplating moments. Whether it is for business promotion, idea propaganda, educational medium, resource sharing or for pure entertainment purpose – in today’s world every aspect of life is on the world wide web. Here are a few reasons justifying why do you need a website.Communicate to the World: Communication to the target audience is easier with a website. Every individual now approaches the internet for sources that meet his needs. It is possible to convey your information or present your ideas and business to every potential customer individually. The reach is beyond geographical limits. What more can you ask for?Versatile Media to convey ideas: The information that can reach a user can be much better than words you speak. Convey it with audio visual combinations and attractive graphics. This lures your target audience to accept your proposal – something easier to do with a website than doing it yourself.Anytime Availability: The world has 24 timezones and anytime access of your website is possible for anyone in the world. This increases your target base and expands projection of your idea. Isn’t that a splendid reason to need a website for yourself?Clarifying Issues / FAQs: When you intend to expand and invigorate your idea or proposal on your website, existing users / customers may have very mundane queries and issues that need to be addressed ASAP. Designing your website to meet this aspect of customer information is very essential and having a website – helps!Reduce Costs: Running a venture or a n organisation has its own necessities, especially adequate supporting manpower. You would need them to take care of customers, accounts, storekeeping, liasing, etc. The benefit of a website is that taking care of these aspects will help you drastically reduce the manpower required to do the same tasks. In turn, this exponentially reduces the cost of running your organisation.Classifying and Targeting Users : It is very easy to give specific information suitable for the exact type of target audience using your website. This increases the chances of your idea being accepted by the user. A plethora of information will increase the amount of time spent by the user on your site and blurs user productivity. Specific information to the intended user gives additional chances for acceptance of your concept.Testing New Ideas : A manual customer interaction might not help you suggest a new concept and your representative may be considered ‘pushy’ by the user. But a website will help you to place for the new ideas / proposals at selective locations in an unimpressive manner. This provides the platform to test user response and reactions to the new idea proposed.Do you still have the doubt in your mind if you need a website? The above reasons are obvious enough. In a nutshell, you definitely need a website in today’s network centric environment to make efficient use of technology to further your prospects whichever field you venture in.

Start a Local Community Consulting Business ( and 7 Easy Offers You Can Launch For for Under $100)

Online marketing is a BOOMING business.But NOT for the types of people that most people think of as “online marketers”That dentist down the street from you?He either needs help building his blog – or managing his social media strategy – or building a relationship marketing campaign in his community NOW… or he’s going to need it soon.That interior decorator – that dry cleaner or that dietician you see on late night local TV?They ALL need you – even if they don’t know it yet.The MOST under served niche in the online marketing universe is not folks trying to learn how to improve their AdSense click through rate.Or people trying to learn how to build a better Squidoo lens.Or folks who need help selling ClickBank products.Is there a market for that sort of stuff?Of course there is.It’s also happens to unfortunately be the seedy, shady and shallow underbelly of the “learn online marketing” universe that the gimmicks and gadgets and goofy looking guru’s call home.But it’s NOT where you want to be. (even if that’s where you find yourself “learning” most of the time)I truly believe that being a local business consultant, or building a business around marketing services that cater to REAL world professionals – with real businesses and existing budgets is the absolute EASIEST way to build a viable, valuable and enduring business you can count on for years to come… as well as the BEST way to parlay your passion for LEARNING into perpetual piles of profit of profit at the very same time.Take what you LOVE… and what you learn, and experiment with the businesses (and budgets) of others who pay you to play.That’s the SECRET:-)And there are more clients out there – right now – who GENUINELY need you – than you can count.Start in YOUR community.Look local.And start with some of the ideas below.- Create a hyper local authority site or professional niche directory ( – or a news/magazine/content that caters to your local community that can be used to demonstrate your expertise or enhance your influence)It’s super duper easy to SELL services to professional people who see you as a thought leader or facilitator where you live… and if you build it, and the public like it – they WILL come)- Be a crowd funding consultant. Crowdfunding is the new “black” for a whole new generation of fundraising professionals, buzz and brand builders, and all sorts of PASSION and purpose enlightened entrepreneurs who want to help people of purpose build awareness for their ideas) Here is a great way to launch a crowdfunding consulting business on a bootstrap budget… literally, you can build a self starter Kickstarter style campaigns for your clients campaigns for under $100.- Amazon Book Promotion! Build buzz for authors. Target coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, enlightened and entrepreneurs and the creative niches in your community.There is a lot to be said (and HAS been said) that writing a book is the new business card for the next generation and you can help people modify their content into something powerful and persuasive on paper (and pixel) and build BUZZ for their brands!- Become a product launch specialist if you are 30 or over… I challenge you to survey your friends and see how many of them have a product they’d LOVE to launch – a great idea they believe will change the world – a small knick nack – an app – a brick and mortar business… it matters NOT – I promise if you’ve got friends, you know people who have inspired ideas and who would love to quit their jobs and pursue them.The truth?If you can inspire people, if you are just a wee bit persuasive and passionate and can communicate that well with words, you can position yourself as a product launch specialist in your local community. (and using simple viral tools and technology that most “non marketers” have never heard of, impress your clients like a boss to boot..;-)- Publish PROFILES of passion professionals in your local community.You can accentuate and exponentially IMPROVE this approach when you add in the authority site ownership idea above – e.g. – you create the site – add listings – and as a premium offer you create “interview” style professional features on people who pay premium prices for featured focus on your site.You can turn these into GREAT looking PDFs and presentations that your clients can and will post on their own sites, social media profiles and other prominent places to show off the attention and affection they command in the community.Again… works GREAT if you own a high profile authority site, directory or niche asset in the local community -EASY money in the bank!- Build a relationship marketing consulting business (you can charge BIG money doing simply by setting up email marketing campaigns for local professionals – help them figure out the technology (easy!) – install the forms on their blogs, etc – and then write the follow up messages)I know a girl who charges $2000 + per client to install, configure and automate newsletter messages for medical professionals… and it’s work that anyone reading this right now can learn to do in an afternoon.- Be a content marketing coach or consultant (there are so many fun, inspiring, engaging and incredibly exciting ways to turn your passion and purpose for content – and community – and communication into a “rock star” business opportunity it’s silly simple – check out some of the great examples here how others are doing it)And of course there are still the boring but evergreen high paying offers like SEO, graphic and web design, blog building, lead generation, article marketing, basic “writing” offers (which I don’t really advise as you can do SO much more my re-positioning yourself as a content marketing specialist instead) and tons and tons more.The truth is, if you are struggling to build an online business, it’s infinitely easier to help other people who are struggling themselves and DON’T know what you know, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself.The reason so many online marketing “gurus” turn to teaching rather than selling real stuff themselves?Pretty obvious, right? It’s easier!And if you provide REAL services, that offer real value and help advance people in the direction of their own dreams, you can earn amazing money doing work you love… 100% risk free as well.Not sure you have it in you?Think again.By virtue of the fact that you are reading this right now… I can pretty much assure you that you have MORE marketing “mojo” than many of the most successful professional people in your community, right now – who have real budgets – and are spending money good money on “bad” marketing, right now as you read these words.Want to learn how to take a nice slice of that pie? Stop “learning” and start DOING.Just dive in and DO it.There is never a better time than NOW to do what you love for a living… and wake up the WORLD with your work.”Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe

Do You Have the Attitude to Work From Home Successfully?

Right Attitude to Work from Home? Most people think that working at home is the answer to the pitfalls of working out in the public. Transportation costs are cut down can have more free time, with little to no stress and no boss breathing over their shoulder. Sounds good doesn’t it? The answer to all ones prayers… FREEDOM!Working from home can be all these things to the right person. It takes a special personality with the right attitude and skill to pull off working at home successfully. Not only are there specific skills, temperament and personality, there is also the need for the right surroundings to work at home.Do you have the right surroundings to work from home?Anyone can say they are going to work at home. Buy a computer or laptop and get to work at the kitchen table. That is not a bad idea, but it is an unrealistic notion about successfully working at home. Having the right space and work at home setting is important to be successful.Of course the skills and training needed to work at home will depend on a person’s career choice. Telecommunications, administrative, marketing etc., are a few of the most popular choices. The ability to continuously learn is essential.Office space should be a must have. A quiet place where work can be work, and when the day is over, shut the door and go home. This space does not need to be fancy, but you will need to make sure you have the basics and fundamentals.· Computer or Laptop· Internet· Desk/Chair· Telephone/fax· PrinterMake sure that the space you choose to be your office is only used for work. This will help keep the right attitude towards work responsibilities and home responsibilities. Planning the office space is easy, finding the right attitude can at times be the hard part.Do you have THE attitude?Keep in mind no one can choose our attitude for us. We wake every day with the ability to pick our attitude that we wear. Good or bad it is our decision. When working from home, we need to pick our attitude and be as choosy about it as we would our clothes that we would wear to a regular office. What is your attitude today?What is an attitude?According to the Webster’s Merriam Dictionary an attitude is: “A mental position with regard to a fact or state. Attitudes reflect a tendency to classify objects and events and to react to them with some consistency.” Attitudes are not directly observable but rather are inferred from the objective, evaluative responses a person makes.Positive AttitudeIt takes a special attitude and temperament to work from home successfully. There are many forms of attitude. We choose to be driven, focused, self disciplined, diligent; we must not choose to be negative. We need to be self motivated to be able to do the work without extra supervision. Positive attitude helps make our jobs at home more successful because when we are positive, we also have the ability to overcome other types of negativity. While working at home, we must practice punctuality, organization and mentally prepared to put in a full productive day at work.Successfully is a great way to utilize time if you have the attitude it takes. One of the most important attitude traits is self-discipline. Having self-discipline will help you stay on track with attitude. Attitude can make or break your day. However, working from home is not for everyone. In order to maintain our positive attitude we must maintain self discipline.